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Antena 3 Films estrena Tormenta!

Published on Feb 26th, 2013 | by Mikki Nilsen

Este Jueves 28 de Febrero a las 22:30 en Antena 3 se estrena "Tormenta" el thriller social de Daniel Carparsoro, donde podras escuchar musica de Loyal Enemy como banda sonora.   Aunque el proyecto se realiz&oac ... Read More

Back On Stage!

Published on Feb 12th, 2013 | by Mikki Nilsen

  "After 3 years of silence and only one month since the new formation, Loyal Enemy jumps on stage giving a few shows around Southern Spain (where the project now resides) trying out the new members.   Don&# ... Read More

Full House @ La Premiere

Published on Oct 06th, 2012 | by Mikki Nilsen

We have done our first show at home in years! It was a great feeling to have a full house at "La Premiere" Marbella. Great crowd, great venue and many familiar faces! We were fortunate enough to have our VJ (Ibon A. To ... Read More